If you're looking to travel in style while also being incredibly secure, then AddAromor's Executive Protection armoured Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is what you need. The company positions it as a "mobile safe room" for business executives, celebrities, or athletes who have concerns about their safety.

In addition to the armouring, the company can install offensive countermeasures like a smokescreen projector, pepper spray canister, and sonic cannon. Electric shock door handles are an option, too. Taking things even further, buyers can also specify hidden gun ports in the interior and an emergency escape hatch.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter by AddArmor

AddArmor builds these Sprinters to a client's specifications. It's possible to outfit them as an ultra-secure motorhome with a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area. Another alternative is setting up the van for entertaining by placing large screens inside.

In the gallery, you can see two interpretations of the Sprinter's interior. One of them features black seats with contrasting stitching. There's a dark floor and blue accent lighting on the ceiling. A cabinet on the wall holds bottles of champagne and glasses.

The other vehicle has white seats and has a more business-like aesthetic. There's a huge screen on the rear wall. Black cabinets run the length of the walls.

On the outside, there's no indication that AddArmor's Sprinter is different from a regular example. It would have no problem blending into the rest of traffic. Meanwhile, the occupants could be inside enjoying a movie knowing that not even a bullet could stop the party.

AddArmor's packages start at $28,000.(approx. £21,800) However, the base price isn't going to cover the level of interior customisation on display in these images.

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World’s Most Advanced Armor and Innovative Safety Features Make for a Protected Driving Experience with Roomy New Layout


August 26, 2020 – Known for engineering the world’s finest armored vehicle designs in order to protect travelers in unrivaled comfort, AddArmor is proud to announce the debut of a brand-new series of Sprinter coaches made to withstand nearly any threat. Newly available this year, AddArmor introduces their bespoke armored Sprinter vans to the company’s world class fleet of Executive Protection luxury vehicles new for Fall 2020.


Designed by Elite Special Forces and law enforcement veterans, the new AddArmor Sprinter van is the world’s ultimate mobile safe room. AddArmor’s Sprinter van concept was specifically designed for CEO’s, celebrities, athletes and larger individuals in mind by offering multiple interior configurations to accommodate anyone.


“AddArmor is a company that was founded by elite combat, business, and law enforcement veterans that understand how to protect our clients from a 360-degree perspective,” comments Pete Blaber, Co-Founder of AddArmor. “Safety is always a moving target. Staying in place is one thing, but mobility is an important part of the equation. The freedom to move around and get places is a key element of being completely secure. Our company designed the new AddArmor Sprinter van to fulfill that requirement in the face of even most the chaotic of situations. How do we know that? Because we’ve already faced them out in the field. We are the experts in security.”


Numerous available amenities for each AddArmor Sprinter van include custom kitchen facilities, sleeping areas and beds for extended road trips, bathrooms, and many other options to create the ultimate rolling stateroom. This new Sprinter van also features state-of-the-art entertainment systems and media rooms that suit the demands of work on the road or relaxation.


With an unlimited number of custom interior options inspired by private aviation, upholstery options combined with luxurious fabrics and state-of-the-art LED lighting, the brand new AddArmor Sprinter van is truly one of the most bespoke security vehicles on the planet.


The new 2020 AddArmor Sprinter van also offers elite defense and safety. AddArmor makes sure each vehicle is also outfitted with impressive offensive countermeasures such as smokescreen capabilities, pepper spray canisters, and even sonic sound cannons for crowd dispersion. In the interior, passengers will find hidden gun ports for onboard defense ability as well as a secret escape hatch option for moments of extreme need. Electric shock door handles are also an available upgrade on all doors of the Sprinter van as an additional important safety measure.

Each AddArmor Sprinter van is also outfitted with run-flat tires to help escape almost any situation, while barricade-busting bumpers and other reinforcements ensure drivers will never get bogged down in a difficult spot. With 24/7 real-time security support available at all times on board each vehicle as an option, the new AddArmor Sprinter van is truly the safest place to be while out on the open road.


AddArmor offers the capability to turn any vehicle into a Mobile Safe Room, incorporating armoring packages starting at $28,000.


For a comprehensive look at all of AddArmor’s armored vehicles, please visit www.addarmor.com or call 888-878-0021 for more information.


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