If there's anyone who knows all about tracks and drag strips, not to mention racing the quickest production cars and plenty of Tesla vehicles, it's Brooks Weisblat of DragTimes fame. So, it comes as no surprise that Brooks ordered up a Tesla Model S Plaid as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

If you run a YouTube channel called DragTimes, and you have a goal to race the quickest cars, and you've already featured the Tesla Model S Performance Raven and Porsche Taycan – the two quickest production cars to date – then getting your hands on an even quicker Model S is a no-brainer, provided you have the resources to make that happen. Perhaps Brooks was considering a Lucid Air prior to last night's festivities?

At any rate, Brooks makes it abundantly clear that the type of acceleration the Model S Plaid will need to pull off the numbers is otherworldly. He raced a McLaren with similar specs, and he says it's just insane, and something that can't really even be explained.

Moreover, many people are going to drop a deposit on this car and plan to take delivery next year, without fully realising they are going to have a true race car in their hands. A race car that may actually be illegal to race at most tracks, due to safety requirements and liability. If you trap over 150 mph, you are supposed to have a parachute. If you're running 8- to 9-second quarter miles, you're supposed to have a full roll cage. 

Brooks has plenty of other insight about the Tesla Model S Plaid, including comparisons to other cars.