Lotus has revealed new details about its upcoming Evija hypercar in a new film which shows the company's first all-electric car being put through its paces on Lotus' famed 2.2-mile test track at its Hethel headquarters.

Long-time Lotus test driver and director of vehicle attributes Gavan Kershaw is behind the wheel in the video, and discusses key elements of the car as onboard cameras give a new perspective of the car, such as of the mid-mounted battery packs which mirror's Lotus' typical mid-engine layout for its combustion engined products.

The film also reveals the earliest discussions about what the Evija would end up being, with Kershaw saying that the aim was to build a usable hypercar.

Lotus Evija development car on track side view

He also goes into detail about the car's five drive modes – Range, which is limited to 986 bhp and switches from rear- to four-wheel-drive to maximise the car's range; City which decreases regenerative braking levels for urban use; Tour which ups the power to 1381 bhp, with torque vectoring; Sport, where the power is upped to 1678 bhp and stability controls help increase traction levels; and finally Track which unleashes the full 1973 bhp (2000 PS), along with the highest level of torque-vectoring and a Drag Reduction System (DRS) available on request.

The short film's release coincides with the Evija's appearance at at this week’s Salon Prive Concours d’Elegance at Blenheim Palace.

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