We've known the Drako GTE for more than a year now, but only a few videos have come up since it was introduced back last year at the Pebble Beach. That's pretty much expected as only 25 Drako GTEs will roam the surface of this planet, and each one has an eye-watering sticker price of £1 million. 

With that said, a full-blown video of the Drako GTE is a rare gem. We've seen it driven by legendary Lamborghini test diver Valentino Balboni before, but here's a more in-depth look at the electric hypercar – a full 20-minute clip of it.

Gallery: Drako GTE

We'll probably not get the chance to drive this rare hypercar, so might as well watch the video embedded on top of this page. Style-wise, the Drako GTE takes a lot from the Karma saloon, and that includes four seats – kind of like the Koenigsegg Gemera but electric.

As for the technical specifics, the newest Drako model touts four electric motors, with each wheel propelled by a motor. Combined, these motors produce up to 1,200 bhp (895 kilowatts) and an incredible 8,800 Newton-meters (6,491 pound-feet) of mountain-moving torque. With these numbers, the Drako GTE taps out at 206 miles per hour (332 kilometres per hour).

As for the juice, the Drako GTE is equipped with a 90 kWh battery. Fast charging is possible through 150 kW outlets, but Drako reserves to disclose the charging times. Yes, even in the video, charging time wasn't mentioned. Or was it avoided? You decide.

There's much to know about the Drako GTE that can't be translated into words, so I suggest that you finish the 20-minute video above to know the rest of it.