Rented driveway parking is increasing in demand once, beating pre-lockdown levels, as many opt to drive to the office rather than take public transport.

Online parking portal has registered an increase in customers of 40 percent compared to February, before lockdown was imposed by the government.

" has seen a surge in new customers as commuters choose to drive back to the office and park on nearby rented driveways," said Harrison Woods, managing director at "Indeed, our data shows that the rise in bookings is near office locations rather than at train stations as workers shun public transport."

Driveways in UK suburban residential street also carried out a survey of 3,000 people that found that half more likely to drive in the future and less likely to use public transport.

"The increase in parking demand is a potential goldmine of opportunity for homeowners with an empty driveway near office locations," Woods added.

"As more workers drive back to the office then empty parking spaces will become limited, so I would encourage anyone with an empty driveway or parking space to register it on"