Just last week, Volkswagen revealed the most practical version of the Golf 8 family, the Golf Estate. Wearing its R-Line guise, it looks sportier than its regular counterpart while having a more spacious cabin and boot area. Even better, the Golf Estate is longer than before, reaching 4.63 metres (182.28 inches) in overall length with a 2.68-metre (105.75-inch) wheelbase. Those numbers are at least 66 mm (2.6 inches) longer than the Mk7 Estate.

Now, talks of a Golf R Estate is on the table since we've seen it testing wearing an Alltrack suit before – but that's not the end of that story.

Gallery: Volkswagen Golf Estate R-Line (2020)

The previous prototype testing was rather subdued; this one was caught by JvDSupercars at the Nürburgring and VW sure is thrashing the hotter version of the long-roof Golf R around the famous track. While we're not 100 percent convinced that this is indeed the Golf R Estate, we're leaning towards that notion because of the performance it's showing in the spy video above. Then again, take this with a pinch of salt – at least until we hear something official from the German marque.

Interestingly, the Golf R is also seen in the video being thrown around corners like it's meant to. We've seen it testing this way before, mind you, but this one fuels our excitement more.

The Golf R is said to debut by the end of this year. We're expecting the R Estate version to follow.