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The Lykan Hypersport has already found its own place in the global supercar scene with its futuristic design and ample performance. We’ve seen it in action a number of times and it was even part of the Fast and the Furious live action tour. Actually, the car that was used by the tour was saved by the Genius Garage program, a non-profit organisation supporting young automotive engineers, designers, and talents.

As ClassicCars.com reports, the project is led by Casey Putsch who acquired the Hypersport chassis and body to use them as a foundation of a new custom build, engineered and assembled in cooperation with his students. Putsch describes himself as “a philanthropist, craftsman, artist, engineer, naturalist, history lover, and racing driver” in his YouTube channel and these all sound like human qualities that contribute to the program’s success.

The project was finally ready to hit the track last month. The team took the custom Hypersport to the Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course, near Mansfield, Ohio, for a spin and the results were impressive. Putsch and his students also got a Porsche Boxster S and basically combined the two cars into one - as you can see, the exterior is an almost unmodified Hypersport while the interior comes from the German sports car. His YouTube channel documents the build.

The performance is quite good but what’s really impressive is the engine and exhaust notes. In the video attached at the top of this article, you can see the bespoke Lykan Hypersport build race against a Chevrolet Corvette Z06, a Porsche 911, and a BMW M3 - and it’s fair to say it does its job very, very well. Good job, guys. Keep it going.