You know how people complain all crossovers look alike? Well, that certainly won’t be the case with the fourth-generation Tucson once the wraps will come off on September 14. Hyundai has already dropped surprisingly revealing images of its new compact crossover, but we figured these two new videos are worth a look as they focus on the intricate front grille design.

More and more automakers are blending their grilles with the headlights and Hyundai has already taken a similar approach with the 2021 Santa Fe. The Tucson will further unify the two by incorporating the LED daytime running lights straight into the trapezoidal elements that make up the grille. They light up on the sides of the grille and lend the Toyota RAV4 rival a completely original look.

It’s not just the front fascia that looks interesting as the original teasers showed swanky vertical taillights with a horizontal LED light bar on top of them, extending from left to right. While the horizontal strip of light was not interrupted in the official images, it will on the actual Tucson since we’re expecting the light bar to be split where the tailgate meets the wings/fenders.

The same teasers showed the Hyundai logo curiously mounted at the base of the rear windscreen, while the wiper was likely hiding underneath the roof-mounted spoiler akin to Range Rover models. HTRAC badge on the rear bumper denotes an all-wheel-drive system will be available, along with the stylish 19-inch alloy wheels depicted in the images.

Gallery: 2021 Hyundai Tucson teasers

Much like the exterior will have nothing in common with the outgoing Tucson, the cabin will also be a fresh start. It will boast a floating 10.25-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system and a wide fully digital instrument cluster. Very few conventional controls can be seen in the interior teasers, although the real thing might not be as sleek as suggested by Hyundai.

Say what you will about crossovers, but the South Korean brand sure knows how to spice up this body style to further prove it's on a roll in terms of 100% original designs.