The updated Honda Civic Type R range will soon be arriving in UK dealerships with prices starting at just under £33,000. The hot hatchback has been revamped for 2021, and the range has grown with the addition of new, high-specification versions.

Every model in the range now comes with a revised air intake system, improved cooling, and two-piece floating disc brakes for increased performance. The suspension geometry and bushings have been tweaked, too, in a bid to make the car more comfortable, while there are some small cosmetic changes to the cabin and exterior.

The £32,820 starting price buys you the ‘standard’ Civic Type R, which now comes with a range Honda’s driver assistance systems as standard. It also gets the same 2-litre turbocharged petrol engine as the current model, complete with 306 bhp.

Upgrading to the GT model costs an extra £2,000, but it does earn you dual zone-climate control, an automatically dimming rear-view mirror, and Garmin satellite navigation, as well as wireless charging, a higher-powered audio system, and LED front fog lights.

Alternatively, for those who want the Type R performance without the outlandish bodywork, the new Civic Type R Sport Line is designed to look more understated. The oversized rear spoiler is replaced with a more subtle, low-level fixture, while there's an all-black interior and smaller 19-inch wheels. Eagle-eyed observers will also spot the lack of a pin-stripe around the lower sections of the car.

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The pinnacle of the range, however, is the Limited Edition, designed to be the most extreme Type R yet. Just 100 examples are coming to Europe, and just 20 are coming to the UK. All have already been snapped up by enthusiasts, despite the £39,995 price tag.

For that money, each car comes with lightweight 20-inch BBS alloy wheels and unique Sunrise Yellow paint. Each Limited Edition model is also 47 kg lighter than the standard car.

Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition

Inside, the Limited Edition cars get a new Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel and a counterweighted teardrop gear knob for "tactility". The car also comes with physical controls for the infotainment and climate systems, rather than touchscreen interfaces.

“As with the previous generation, we are fully expecting a huge demand for the Civic Type R," said Rebecca Stead, the head of Honda UK's automotive division. "The expanded family now caters to a wider demographic of enthusiasts and customer deliveries are expected to start from the end of September. We have already had supremely strong interest off the back of the unveil in February – and this is before media and our customers have even taken a test drive.”

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