Back in June, Lamborghini announced that it's adding a paint colour option for the 2021 Urus. Called the Pearl Capsule package, the Giallo Inti yellow, Arancio Borealis orange, and Verde Mantis green colours come with four layers of high-gloss, pearl-effect paint to highlight Lambo's line of bright hues for its cars. These colours can be had outside the Pearl Capsule package, as well.

While these new exterior and interior colour schemes don't add performance to the already powerful SUV, the Italian marque showcases them in an action-packed video because, well, they're Lambos and they're meant to be driven fast.

Gallery: Urus Pearl Capsule

You can watch the short two-minute video on top of this page, but for those who prefer to read, there were two Urus units showcased on the video. It started with a race between the orange and green Urus – the green one is equipped with the Pearl Capsule package.

The race started within the city and went through some dirt-race, showing the capabilities of the Urus as a fast SUV. Then again, who would drive their six-digit Lambo on dirt like this?

Towards the end of the clip, a black Urus joined the fray which turned out to be the two initial racers' mother. It was a heart-warming video, we must say.

For the uninitiated, the Pearl Capsule package adds gloss-black accents for the roof, spoiler, rear diffuser, and bits of trim. It also gives the Urus a set of 23-inch wheels that come in black and body-colour accents. Inside, there's a mix of black and body colour, accentuating the seats with hexagon-shaped stitching. Lambo also adds carbon fibre and black-anodised aluminium trims into the cabin.

The Urus Pearl Capsule package starts at £143,676 (excluding taxes).