There has been plenty of mainstream media coverage of Tesla CEO Elon Musk's recent trip to Germany. It seems he visited the country for several reasons. We know Tesla has business there, as it continues to deliver cars to the area and is also in the process of building a Gigafactory outside Berlin.

**UPDATE: Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess posted the video above on his LinkedIn page under the caption, "We are ready for take off!" In the comments under the footage he also said, "Thanks for the visit, Elon! Hope you like the video. It was great driving the ID.3 with you! You were just quite critical with the available torque at higher speed. I told you: "Yes, we are on the runway - but no need for take off - its not a sports car.”

For this you should try our Porsche Taycan. Looking forward to our next meeting!  [ID.3 Pro Performance, 150 kW / power consumption combined in kWh/100 km: 16.9 - 15.4 (WLTP); 15.4 - 14.5 (NEDC); CO2 emissions combined in g/km: 0]

Musk also visited CureVac to assess the company's progress in its partnership with Tesla. The project's goal is to manufacture RNA printers intended to distribute the company's upcoming COVID-19 vaccine. In addition, Musk met with German officials related to support for Gigafactory Berlin. Reports say the meetings were positive.

According to Electrek, Musk has some other fun we weren't aware of, though we should have anticipated it. Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess had a meeting with Musk. The two have been jokingly said to have some sort of a bromance going on. Essentially, Diess gives Musk and Tesla a lot of credit for launching the EV revolution, which is a far cry from some others in the industry. Musk has also wished VW luck with EVs and said the company definitely has what it takes to succeed.

Reportedly, Musk took a diversion to Braunschweig Airport to meet with Diess while in Germany. The original report from Handelsblatt reads (translated via Electrek):

“When Elon Musk’s private jet, the “Gulfstream G650”, took off from Berlin-Schönefeld Airport on Wednesday at 9:17 pm, everyone thought: The Tesla boss’s visit to Germany is over. But only 26 minutes later the plane landed at Braunschweig Airport. The reason for the stopover was a visit to VW boss Herbert Diess.”
A VW official confirmed the meeting between the two CEOs, but they didn’t elaborate on the nature of it.

Moreover, the story says Diess provided Volkswagen's ID.3 and ID.4 electric vehicles for Musk to check out while at the airport.

This is a developing story. If more detailed information becomes available, we'll either update this article or provide another.