Professional driver and world renowned rally car expert Ken Block gets to experience a car like never before. Sure, it's still a Ford Fiesta, arguably his favourite platform for obnoxious rally car transformations. However, this particular Fiesta is a different animal. If one were to just take it for a spin, they might call it silent but deadly. However, with Block behind the wheel, the silence is broken by his wild driving.

The car in the video is the all-new and fully electric Ford Fiesta ERX. It was built by STARD Austria for the FIA’s new World Rallycross Project E race series. This "tyre-slaying machine" churns out a crazy 600 bhp and a whopping 1,085 Nm (800 pound-feet) of instant torque. The best part is, all that muscle comes with the push of a single pedal. Block can put his clutch and shifting magic aside and simply focus on hooning the heck out of this electric car.

Block heads to Sweden to meet his team to test out the Ford electric rally car. It's actually his very first test drive of the car. Others have driven it in the past though. We told you back in December that this little demon can easily out-accelerate the Tesla Model S and the upcoming Tesla Roadster. The ERX commands an almost unheard of 1.8-second zero-to-60-mph time.

Block recently hooned a one-off prototype of the Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400. That vehicle boasts a ridiculous 1400 bhp. While neither of these are production cars, we're very excited to see Ford's direction. We're also excited that showcases like these can work to prove the merits of electrification to the masses. Most importantly, however, videos like this are just plain brilliant to watch.