Seeing one McLaren Senna on the road is special enough, but this video from Shmee150 shows off a pair of them running in tandem on an unrestricted section of the autobahn. With the fuel tank nearly empty, he pushes the hypercar to 205 miles per hour.

Shmee150 is keeping a few of his cars in a buddy's garage that's full of expensive machines. The two of them both take their Sennas out for the high-speed drive to dinner. 

Seeing the Senna driving around regular cars highlights the McLaren's incredible performance. Shmee150 only has to feather the throttle to pass everything else on the road. When traffic thins out, he's able to get very close to the vehicle's 211 mph advertised top speed.

We also have to applaud Shmee150's nerves of steel. Soon into the journey, he looks down, and the fuel gauge tells him that there's an estimated 6 miles of range remaining. Later, it's possible to see the display showing 3 miles to go. Yet, he still does a full-throttle run with the very real threat of running out of fuel.

Both Sennas successfully make it to dinner. Although, they cause a bit of a traffic kerfuffle along the way when trying to enter the narrow driveway into a parking lot. They then enjoy some rather unappetizing looking pizza from the wings of their Sennas. 

Shmee150 then finally puts some fuel in his surely very thirsty Senna, and he and his buddy set off into the night to return to the lavish garage. Shmee150 promises that he's gearing up for a big trip in the near future.