The significance of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter to the global motorhome scene is undeniable. We don’t have exact numbers to compare but it could arguably be the most popular chassis for all kinds of camper transformations - both at this side of the big pond and in North America. Our today’s guest is from the United Kingdom and is one smart Sprinter-based camper van.

The company that builds it is called Hunter Sport Homes and we’ve talked about it before. Last year, one of its custom campers was featured on our pages because of its unique Audi-sourced exterior paint. The camper you’ll see in the gallery above has a similar layout but there are a number of significant differences.

Gallery: Hunter Sport Homes Lounge Tourer

For starters, this is a long-wheelbase camper designed for “both race bikes and tourers” that features a large garage at the back, where all sorts of bikes, motorcycles, sleds, and skis can be transported. Тhe floor and walls of the garage are clad in durable sheet metal and there’s also a little door that provides a direct connection with the living area. 

Despite its size, the garage still leaves room for a comfortable bedroom area with ambient lighting and a few storage pockets. In front of that is the living area with a leather L-shaped couch forming a small but cozy dinette. The couch folds flat and forms a second bed for two.

The smart build also features a heating and hot water system, a 100-liter on board water and waste tanks, a shower and a toilet, an oven, a 50-liter fridge, a 100-watt solar panel system, a large 4-meter awning, and more.

Judging by the photos, the fit and finish of the camper look to be absolutely top-notch. The price? According to the company’s price list, the base conversion costs £19,495 before taxes. All custom modifications are at an extra cost.