Car enthusiast or not, most people know of the Ford GT, regardless of its Le Mans stardom and recent comeback. YouTuber, Ferrari collector and jewelry mogul David Lee talks about how he convinced the American automaker to sell him one.

With a channel called Ferrari Collector David Lee, you’d wonder why he isn’t taking another prancing horse under his wing, but don’t worry as he has filled in the blanks. He wanted a GT to fulfil the Ford vs Ferrari narrative – the most difficult part was getting ahold of one. 

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Having an existing collection with vehicles like the Ferrari Enzo, F40, F50, LaFerrari, and spare Schumacher F1 car, it seems like you’d be hard pressed to get a reaction out of David. Luckily Ford is one step ahead because if you thought the GT was unique, the collector has purchased an extremely rare Carbon Series variant with many goodies on offer. Aside from a bare carbon fibre stripe running the length of the car, the special edition cuts 18 kg (39 lbs) of weight through carbon fibre wheels, titanium lug nuts and exhaust, and a much thinner engine cover carried over from the competition series.

Carrying his jeweller's pedigree, David always picks a watch to go with each car he adds to his collection. In keeping with the GT’s theme, he opted for a Rolex GMT Batman in matching blue, white, and black colours. Just like the car, the watch carries the same “built tough” ethos.

Wristwear aside, the carbon tub for the GT road car is the exact same as the tub on the GTE racecar. Like the Ford, the McLaren 720S GT3 is one of the only other race cars to share the carbon tub with the road variant. 

There’s no arguing that Ferrari Collector David Lee has his hands on a very special vehicle.