Moral of the story is not to speed in a subdivision, but these lucky individuals discovered that a Tesla Model S is safe, considering it hit a stone ledge and caught fire, yet nobody was injured.

We haven't heard much in regards to Tesla fires of late. It seems most of the cases are linked to earlier Teslas. In particular, the earlier Model S electric cars seemed most prone to catching fire among Tesla vehicles, though we should note that even the Model S has a much lower chance of catching fire than your average combustion-engined car.

This new video just surfaced on YouTube (although it is dated March 4, 2019) and it shows a Tesla Model S (presumably a pre-facelift early version) speeding through a residential area. The driver loses control of the car and hits what appears to be a stone half wall leading to a driveway. After impacting the wall, the car comes to rest sometime later and then catches fire.

Though we can't confirm it, our belief is that the impact with the stone wall punctured the car's battery pack, which then typically leads to thermal runaway and a fire.

Despite the collision with the wall and the resulting fire, all occupants within the Tesla Model S were okay with no serious injuries reported. This can partly be explained by the fact that unlike with petrol cars, an EV fire typically takes a bit of time after piercing the battery to engulf the car. This time can allow occupants to remove themselves or be removed from the vehicle before ignition.

As the video uploader explains:

Punk rich kid in daddy's Tesla loses control on a 25 mph road and destroys the car as it burst into flames. Lucky for him and his passengers no one seriously injured.