Kremer-bodied Porsche 935 had an amazing run in endurance racing in the 1970s and 1980s, and they gained quite a reputation. They had flat-six engines with monster turbochargers that allowed them to produce in excess of 800 bhp, yet they still couldn’t accelerate as quickly as this all-electric modern day interpretation of that formula.

Created by Bisimoto, we have actually covered this particular project before, yet now it is presented in a video with far better production values, courtesy of Hoonigan. So what are the specs, we hear you ask?

Well, power is rated at just under 640 bhp (475 kW), all of which is sent to the very wide rear tyres; the motor and controllers are from EV West and the 32 kWh battery pack is comprised of lithium-ion cells from LG Chem. And since the car only weighs 1,216 kg (2,681 pounds), it sprints to sixty from standstill in a claimed 2 seconds.

It’s a deeply impractical means to get around on the street, since it has no creature comforts or any emphasis on refinement. It really is a racing car, albeit an electric one, so its natural habitat is the track where few if any cars could actually keep up with it (both in a straight line or through the corners).