The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is unique in the Italian automaker’s lineup. Amid a sea of two-seat mid-engine monsters and V12 grand touring machines turning the rear wheels, it’s the practical choice with a folding back seat and a rear hatch. All four wheels provide all-weather grip, and since it’s a Ferrari, there’s a 680-bhp V12 upfront. But is it sticking around?

We know Ferrari will soon offer another practical choice with the Purosangue. It’s the automaker’s first SUV, and while we don’t have anything official from Ferrari as far as details are concerned, it should at least be a match for the GTC4Lusso in performance. With four doors and a larger boot, it should also be more practical and that has people wondering if Ferrari is planning to drop the GTC4Lusso from its lineup.

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That rumour was freshened up by a recent social media post from a Ferrari dealer, according to The Drive. The post claimed a GTC4Lusso recently sold was their last one, seemingly suggesting that no more were being built. Ferrari allegedly refutes that claim however, stating there are no changes to the company’s lineup. We’ve contacted Ferrari to confirm the report, but our messages weren’t immediately returned.

We also asked Ferrari if the GTC4Lusso would stick around once the Purosangue arrives. The SUV was originally thought to arrive next year, but with coronavirus still a major threat around the world, delays into 2022 seem probable. Should the GTC4Lusso not return for 2021, that could leave a gap in Ferrari’s practical choice for buyers, and it could be why the automaker reportedly says no lineup changes are imminent. Realistically, once the Purosangue arrives, making a business case for keeping the GTC4Lusso around seems tough.

We will update this story with a word from Ferrari when we hear back.