Tech firm Hard-Off Security is warning motorists of the possibility of an increase in vehicle thefts across the country as thieves emerge from lockdown.

Car crime dropped during the last four months, but those numbers are steadily starting to increase once again and with Brexit uncertainty and stricter borders there's a concern that crime organisations could be aiming to ship as many stolen vehicles out of the country in the coming months.

"This is a big problem that will hit motorists the hardest," said Mark Churchward, managing director of Hard-Off Security. "At a time when many may have been furloughed or concerned about their jobs, a steep rise in the number of stolen vehicles will only lead to a rise in premiums as the insurance industry passes the cost on to customer through big rises in premiums."

Thieves scramble to export stolen cars before Brexit

The issue of 'relay-hacking' is one particular thing that Hard-Off Security is calling on both owners and insurers alike to be prepared for. The method, which can take as little as 10 seconds, involves the cloning of the car's remote key fob, allowing the vehicles’ security to be bypassed and the car to be unlocked, started and driven away.

One way round this is Hard-Off Security's Key Fob Isolation system which blocks the passive authentication system that criminals exploit to steal keyless cars.

The device can be easily retro‐fitted by owners or approved Hard-Off technicians, and is available for most existing keyless‐entry/keyless start key fobs. What's more, it doesn't change any of the car's onboard systems and retains all the functionality of the manufacturer’s original specification.

"Although many relay hacks are carried out at night, while the owner is home asleep, it’s possible to clone a fob in a car park or shopping centre, and with thieves targeting prestige marques that are quickly shipped abroad, our solution is 100 percent effective at stopping a car’s security system being hijacked. This means it offers real peace of mind and protection for motorists across the UK."

Last year 114,0001 vehicles were stolen in the UK, and to date over 50 percent of those have yet to be recovered.

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