Bentley has revealed a sporty new carbon fibre-centric styling specification for the Flying Spur luxury super-saloon. The new package of options is offered on new and used versions of the latest-generation Flying Spur, and sees much of the bright chrome replaced with darker, race-inspired carbon fibre.

That means the specification gives you hand-crafted, high-gloss carbon fibre on the front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser, as well as the boot lid spoiler. All the additions are designed to “complement the aerodynamic performance” of the car, with shapes that work with the car to ensure it handles as well as possible. Bentley has also tested the additions specifically to make sure there are no ill effects on brake cooling, noise or engine cooling.

The testing process was long and arduous, with shapes trialled using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software before being tested on the wind tunnel and race track. Bentley even put the parts through electrical testing to make sure they wouldn’t have any impact on the parking sensors or antennae on the vehicle.

With that out of the way, Bentley went ahead and indulged in a spot of durability testing. This included some overall vehicle tests of 100,000 kilometres (62,000 miles), as well as subjecting the new parts to wading, kerb strikes and rough roads. And that’s in addition to the time spent in the lab, where Bentley could assess the parts’ performance through the rigours of vibration, thermal cycling, point loading and impacts.

But the Bentley engineering teams have gone further than that, mirror-matching the carbon-fibre twill across the centreline of the car – just as the brand does with its interior veneers. That means the weave of the carbon will match down the centreline of the car, with each component woven in the same direction for consistency and “precise visual appeal”.

2020 Bentley Flying Spur Styling Specification Rocker Panel

And, if you look closely, there’s even more detail on offer, with the inclusion of a three-dimensional electroformed Bentley badge on the side sills. The profile of the badge was developed specially for the new styling specification, with the aim of reducing the formation of air bubbles in the lacquer overcoat while still providing the eye-catching appearance Bentley required.

The finished product is now available for customers to buy from Bentley dealerships. Not only can you order the styling kit for new Flying Spurs, but Bentley will also sell the parts to current owners. Those drivers will be able to attach the carbon-fibre components to their vehicles, giving them the opportunity to purchase the styling specification without buying a whole new car.

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