When someone says a car is glowing, usually it means the car has bright finish polished to the extreme. Turn out the lights and the glow disappears, but this bonkers Mitsubishi Evo is the exact opposite. With the lights on, it sports a white semigloss exterior as is often found with dipped cars. After dark, however, this thing looks like a radioactive spawn of Satan.

Dip Your Car is a well-known company in the world of automotive dipping, but as this recent video on YouTube explains, stepping into the realm of glow-in-the-dark finishes wasn’t something high on the priority list. According to the clip, getting such a finish to look right is extremely difficult, and many products don’t offer much in the way of a bright glow. Still, folks were keen to see a glowing dip, so two bright pigments were chosen out of eight, and the spray process began.

Starting with a white base, the glow-infused dip was added to the Mitsubishi coat-by-coat. After each coat, the car was checked with the lights off to see where the coverage was thin. 15 litres (4 gallons) of dip were ultimately used in this project, and well, the results speak for themselves. The grille and front fascia of the Evo X is especially well-suited to such a finish, as the car looks ready to eat anything in its path. The nighttime ambiance is otherworldly and positively evil, and what can we say? We like it.

It’s also not expensive, either. Links in the video description show this KryptoBright kit costs $737.64 (approx. £560) for a medium-sized car. The kit includes everything needed to go fully nuclear, but Dip Your Car is keen to say this is not an easy colour to apply. As the video explains, it’s very difficult to get good, even coverage and as such, it’s not “beginner-friendly.” There’s also the question of legality, as a glow-in-the-dark car driving down the street would certainly be distracting.

Still, if you have mad spraying skills and a clean legal sheet for such things, it’s hard to imagine anything that could garner more attention at after-hours car meets than this.