We've seen this before – Beetle wings fashioned into minibikes, and as written by our colleagues at Rideapart, they're part creepy and part adorable. While those "Volkspods" were made by someone named Walter Werks, this next one is from another, but equally adorable. More, even.

Meet, the Bugkart Wasowski, made by Aldekas Studio from Mexico. As you can see, they're also fashioned from a wing of a VW Beetle Type 1, which adds an old school vibe into the go-kart. If you ask us, we like it. Actually, we want one. We want one right now.

Gallery: Go kart made from VW Beetle wing

Aldekas Studio specialises in the restoration of vintage cars, most especially Beetles. Without even them telling, this should give them an advantage in sourcing surplus of Beetle fenders. It looks good, actually, and I can imagine the guys chilling one afternoon right before the idea came to fruition. Must have been a light bulb moment, but I digress.

The bright red frame is a brilliant choice of colour here as it pops out in the rather vintage-looking olive green paint. To add a finishing touch, tan leather parts are added, particularly on the seat and the handles, as well as chrome-plated side mirrors.

Unfortunately, in as much as we want to spend our money right now for this cute AF go-kart idea, Aldekas Studio is yet to produce one for the real world. The images here are realistic renderings, although we won't be surprised if the actual product will end up looking like this.

If you couldn't wait, might as well hit the guys up already on their Facebook page to inquire about their adorable machine. You never know, they might even offer an early bird discount.