We've probably written about the Ferrari F40 too many times, but that's fine as the Italian supercar is a true legend. Apart from being included in Hussein's infamous exotic car collection, the F40 is a supercar that left its mark among car nuts – much credit should be given to its iconic styling and incredible performance when it was launched.

But how does the F40 perform against a more modern Ferrari, say the 488 Pista Spider? Lovecars, with its presenter Tiff Needell, needed to find about, so they did on the video embedded on top. Besides, nothing like an old-timer at the helm of a 30-year-old supercar.

Gallery: 1992 Ferrari F40

Despite the decades-gap between the two cars, the power plants that reside behind the seats of these two cars aren't wildly different. Both powered by a V8, with the 488 Pista carrying a bigger 3.9-litre engine while the F40 making it happen with its 2.9-litre. Both engines get a boost from two turbos, but the F40 wants the driver to row its own gears with a five-speed manual.

Of course, the 488 Pista is a lot more powerful, churning out 710 bhp (530 kilowatts) and 568 pound-feet (770 Newton-metres) of torque. The F40, on the other hand, makes a respectable 471 bhp (352 kW) and 426 lb-ft (577 Nm) of twists. 

Mass-wise, the Pista Spider is a bit heavier than the F40 by more than a hundred kilograms. As you can see, the numbers favour the 488 Pista while the F40 doesn't lag too far behind considering the age gap between the cars. But how's the gap in a drag race? Watch the video on top.