The Taycan was revealed less than a year ago and went on sale late 2019 so you might be wondering what could Porsche possibly change so early to warrant a full-blown press release? Actually, quite a lot. The 2021 model year switch comes with an array of updates in terms of performance, technology, and appearance.

First and foremost, go for the range-topping Turbo S and the 0 to 124 mph (200 km/h) run will take only 9.6 seconds provided Launch Control is turned on. That’s an improvement of 0.2 seconds compared to the 2020 Taycan Turbo S. The quicker performance in the sprint has obviously had a positive impact on the quarter-mile time as well, which now takes 10.7 seconds or a tenth of a second less than before.

Gallery: 2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo S

The 2021 Taycan will be optionally offered with a colour head-up display that can be configured to show a navigation display, power meter, and additional pre-sets selected by the driver. It’s split into three sections, with main display and status screen joined by a customisable temporary content area that can show calls or voice control commands, for example.

Porsche’s electric saloon also gets a Smartlift function that comes as standard as long as you order the Taycan with the adaptive air suspension. What it does is allow the driver to preset when the front lift system automatically kicks in, similar to the front-axle lift offered by the Corvette C8. The folks from Zuffenhausen mention it does more than that as it also adjusts the vehicle’s height on the fly while driving on the motorway to balance efficiency and comfort.

The transition to 2021MY comes along with an optional 22-kW onboard charger that cuts the time it takes to charge the battery in half compared to the standard 11-kW charger. Porsche is also adding a new function to charge the battery while maximising its lifespan by limiting the charging capacity to around 200 kW.

Support for over-the-air updates allows Porsche to offer what it refers to as Functions on Demand. These are basically optional features UK Taycan owners can get as monthly subscriptions, including Active Lane Keep Assist for £18.00 or £759.00 as an outright purchase option. Power Steering Plus is also available as a Function on Demand, but it’s offered exclusively as a purchase option for £299.00.

Rounding off the changes brought by the model year changeover are the standard digital radio, an optional Carbon Sport Design package for all Taycan versions, and seven fresh paint choices: Ice Grey Metallic, Coffee Beige Metallic, Mahogany Metallic, Chalk, Neptune Blue, Cherry Metallic, and Frozenberry Metallic.

Porsche is already taking orders in the UK for the 2021 Taycan with the following pricing:

4S: £83,580.00 RRP
Turbo: £115,860.00 RRP
Turbo S: £138,830.00 RRP

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New for the Porsche Taycan: Plug & Charge, Functions on Demand, Head-up Display

Faster sprints and more convenient charging
Stuttgart, Germany. The model year changeover in October will bring about numerous new features for the Porsche Taycan. The new Plug & Charge function enables convenient charging and payments without the need for cards or an app: insert the charging cable and the Taycan establishes encrypted communication with the Plug & Charge-compatible charging station. As a result, the charging process starts automatically. Payments are also processed automatically.

Additional innovations include vehicle functions that can be flexibly booked online (Functions on Demand, FoD), a head-up display in colour and an on-board charger with a charging capacity of up to 22 kW. In future, the adaptive air suspension will feature a Smartlift function.

The acceleration values of the Taycan Turbo S have also been improved. With Launch Control, it now sprints from zero to 200 km/h in 9.6 seconds, thus undercutting the previous time by 0.2 seconds. It covers the quarter-mile in 10.7 seconds (previously 10.8 seconds). As before, the Taycan proves its performance capability multiple times in succession without any drop in performance, which is typical of a sports car.

The comprehensively updated electric sports car will be available to order from mid-September and be at Porsche Centres from mid-October.

Intuitive display system and intelligent chassis
A head-up display in colour is now optionally available. This projects relevant information directly into the driver’s field of vision. The display has been divided into the main display section, status section and a section to show temporary content, such as calls or voice control commands. A navigation display, power meter and a user-defined view can also be selected as pre-sets.

Thanks to the new Smartlift function, installed as standard in conjunction with adaptive air suspension, the Taycan can be programmed so that it is automatically raised in certain, recurring sections, for instance at speed bumps or on garage driveways. The Smartlift function can also actively influence the vehicle’s driving height on motorway journeys by adjusting the vehicle’s level to the best possible compromise between efficiency and driving comfort.

An on-board AC charger delivering 22 kW is now also available as new optional equipment. With this unit, the battery charges in around half the time it takes the standard 11-kW charger with alternating current. This option will be available at the end of this year.

Flexible upgrades after purchase with Functions on Demand (FoD)
Thanks to FoD, Taycan drivers can purchase various convenience and assist functions as required. What makes this approach special is that it also works after having made the purchase and for the sports car’s original configuration. Thanks to online, over-the-air updates it is not necessary to visit a workshop. The Porsche Intelligent Range Manager (PIRM) is already available as an FoD. Power Steering Plus, Active Lane Keep Assist and Porsche InnoDrive will now be added as further FoD functions.

Customers can choose whether they want to purchase the respective function for their Taycan or subscribe on a monthly basis. Customers benefit from three test months if they opt for a monthly subscription. After having registered, selected the desired function(s) in the Porsche Connect Store and, providing a connection can be established, the Porsche backend sends a data package to the Taycan via the mobile phone network. Drivers are notified of the availability of such a data package by the Porsche Communication Management (PCM). Activation then takes a few minutes. A notice appears on the central display after successful activation. With the model year changeover four functions can be purchased and three are available as monthly subscriptions.

Active Lane Keep Assist keeps the vehicle in the centre of the lane with continuous steering intervention – also in congested traffic. InnoDrive individually adapts the speed to the conditions ahead, such as speed limits, bends, roundabouts, situations where you have to give way or stop, all in typical sports car fashion. Both functions are available for a fee of 19.50 euro per month or 808.10 euro each as a purchase option.

With active route guidance, Porsche Intelligent Range Manager (PIRM) operates in the background, optimising all system parameters to achieve the highest levels of comfort and shortest travelling time. This feature costs 10.72 euro a month or is available at a one-off fee of 398.69 euro.

Power Steering Plus operates on the basis of the vehicle’s speed. It reacts directly and accurately at high speeds and provides stronger steering support at lower speeds. This Function on Demand is available at a one-off fee of 320.71 euro. It is not available as a monthly option. All prices are recommended retail prices for Germany including 16 percent VAT.

Even more convenient charging
Charging while preserving the battery is a further new function. It can restrict the charging capacity at suitable charging points (e.g. Ionity high-power charging stations) to around 200 kW, when customers are planning to take a longer break from driving. This extends the battery’s service life and reduces the overall power loss. Drivers can select the charging while preserving the battery function on the central display. Of course, if customers choose not to use this option, a charging capacity of up to 270 kW remains available at 800-volt high-power charging stations.

Additional, new, intelligent charging functions are available in conjunction with Mobile Charger Connect and Home Energy Manager. These include the power guard function, which is now capable of preventing an overload of the domestic connection, regardless of the phase, as well as optimised charging with energy produced domestically. Use this function to charge the Taycan using solar energy generated domestically as part of a targeted process. Once the freely configurable, minimum battery charge level has been reached, the system consumes only solar energy that is not used by the building.

Plug & Charge simplifies charging: Taycan drivers merely have to plug in the charging cable and charging is underway. Authentication data is saved in the vehicle. As a result, the charging station automatically identifies the connected vehicle. ISO standard 15118 ensures that the communication between infrastructure and the vehicle is tamper-proof. Payments are also processed automatically. Plug & Charge is already operational at Ionity charging stations in Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy and the Czech Republic. Twelve more European countries will follow at the start of 2021. In the US and Canada, Plug & Charge will also be available from Electrify America and Electrify Canada at many charging points as of the start of 2021.

Greater choice of colours
The 2021 model year offers a selection of seven new exterior paintwork colours: Mahogany Metallic, Frozenberry Metallic, Cherry Metallic, Coffee Beige Metallic, Chalk, Neptune Blue and Ice Grey Metallic.

The Carbon Sport Design package is available for all Taycan versions. It includes elements such as carbon-fibre inserts in the bottom of the front section and in the side sill trims, as well as carbon-fibre fins on the rear diffuser.

Digital Radio now as standard. Digitally broadcast radio stations in DAB, DAB+ and DMB audio formats offer significantly better sound quality. Porsche has also enhanced the standard equipment in terms of connectivity. Apple® podcasts can now be selected as an individual media source.