If you could choose to drive any car on a track, which would you choose? We can only imagine the responses. However, let's assume you'd choose an EV. Which track would you choose?

The Tesla Model 3 Performance would probably be a top choice, though the Porsche Taycan and Jaguar I-Pace would be outstanding choices as well. What better track to experience than The Nürburgring? Whether or not you chose the Model 3 and The Ring, the video above published by Misha Charoudin gives you the opportunity to experience it and hopefully learn something new.

Yes, it's a point-of-view experience inside the Tesla Model 3 Performance lapping The Ring. As you'll quickly learn, there are high points and low points. The driver discusses all of it in detail in the video.

Not surprisingly, the Model 3's instant torque and acceleration are outstanding. Its dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup and low and balanced centre of gravity help it handle well. However, it seems too heavy and its brakes could be better. The Model 3 is definitely agile, especially in comparison to its larger siblings, as well as most other electric cars, but without modifications, it can't compete with the best of the best.

With that said, for a compact family saloon that is readily available and can be had for less money than many EVs, and much less money than high-performance track-ready cars from automaker's like Porsche, the Model 3 is definitely impressive. To get the whole story, check out the video.