Tesla videos are so diverse people often complain we should not cover them. The only thing they would have that relates to EVs would be the fact that the cameras are placed in Teslas. That is sometimes true, such as in this case. There is nothing relevant for EV adoption here apart from the fact that Sentry Mode and Teslacam can help Tesla owners. Regardless, some of them are just funny, such as the weird accident recorded here.

People with dirty minds will get disappointed: what happened was an accident caused by texting and… biking. Luckily, neither the young woman nor the Tesla got hurt in the making of this "movie."

The YouTube channel Wham Baam Teslacam gave a more professional feel to these footages and is putting them together in longer videos that explain the situations they present. They also identify the authors – or the authors' owners, considering the recordings were made by cars.

The other videos that compose the one above are mostly about bad and dangerous driving, which are almost synonyms when it comes to traffic. There is one situation of a car dent – fortunately solved by Sentry Mode – and that's pretty much it.

What these videos present is a future in which people will have much more insight into what others do close to their cars. Whether this affects the car or not is an entirely different matter. Considering how often Tesla solutions are copied, expect competitors to offer similar "services" in a not so distant future. Summing up, be careful what you do near a Tesla. You could end up becoming famous, but not in the most flattering way.

Source: Wham Baam Teslacam