We all know who Ken Block is and his Hoonigan Racing Division team. The drifter and rally racer, who has reached celebrity status, has been known for his love of Ford vehicles, including the new Mustang Mach-E. In fact, he had a chance to have a go at its incredible Mach-E 1400 version to do what he does best – burning tires.

Block is also known for his monstrous white F-150 Raptor that got significant alterations, thanks to California-based off-road tuner SVC. We've seen it in action before, and it's all sorts of badass.

But that seems to be lacking for Block, particularly for some trail hopping at night. With that, Block worked with Rigid Industries to add a bevy of light fixtures onto his already beaming Raptor. The result? A hardcore F-150 Raptor that's ready to get dirty, day and night.

Fitted with 300,000 lumens of light, Block's Ford truck makes HID and LED lights seem lackluster. For the uninitiated, lumen is a unit of measurement of the quantity of visible light emitted by a source per unit of time.

As you can see on the video embedded on top, 300,000 lumens of light gives a significant advantage in terms of visibility, especially on high-speed runs. At a distance, you can see an obstacle clearly when you have a bright set of lights installed, which allows you to brake effectively.

In comparison, halogen bulbs produce 700 lumens on low beam, while engaging high beam will make it produce up to 1,200 lumens. Now do the math.

Block demonstrated the differences between a stock light, the previously installed lights, and the newly-added fixtures from Rigid Industries. To test its effectivity, Block also went for a night run, and it was epic. You can watch the whole thing on the video on top.