The exhibition is free for all.

Vauxhall is bringing a handful of its most iconic models out from its heritage collection and putting them on public display in Luton from next month until Easter next year.

Vauxhall – Made in Luton, the first display of its kind in the company's 115-year history, opens on September 5 at Luton's Stockwood Discovery Centre and will tell "the incredible story of Vauxhall Motors rise from a niche sporting car manufacturer to one of the UK’s best-known automotive brands."

Vauxhall Lotus Carlton

On show will be some of the most significant cars to roll off the Luton factory's production line, including the very first car to be produced there – a 1905 7/9hp – and the very last car that was built there – a 2002 Vectra. The Luton plant of course now exclusively produces commercial vehicles.

A different 'Hero' car will be featured in rotation during the display's run, starting with American-inspired, chrome- and fin-laden 1959 PA Velox. Other cars that will be featured as 'hero' cars include the legendary Vauxhall Lotus Carlton, the Firenza HPF ‘Droopsnoot’, and the OE-Type 30-98, which was Britain’s first 100mph car.

"This is a perfect opportunity for the public to get up close and personal with cars from our collection that are normally only seen via the hundred-or-so media loans that we arrange each year," said Simon Hucknall, Vauxhall's head of PR. "There are some extremely rare and valuable cars on display, but many that will conjure 'my-dad-had-one-of-those' memories, too.

"Most importantly, it paints a wonderful social picture of Vauxhall’s importance to the Luton community, through all the highs and lows of the twentieth century."

Vauxhall – Made in Luton runs from September 5 and runs until Easter, 2021 at Stockwood Discovery Centre. Opening hours are Thursday to Sunday 11am to 5pm and admission is free. COVID-19 protocols will be in place to ensure social distancing.