BMW has released on its Facebook page a new image of the upcoming all-electric BMW iX3, presenting the Energy Flow screen in the infotainment, which shows a surprising range rating.

The system estimates a range of 238 km (148 miles) at about 75% state-of-charge (SOC), according to the graphic with 15 battery bars full, and 5 discharged.

Quick math brings us to the conclusion that at 100% SOC it would be 317 km (197 miles) or so.

That's quite surprising, as the iX3 was supposed to offer 460 km (286 miles) of WLTP range and 520 km (323 miles) of NEDC range, using 74 kWh out of 80 kWh battery.

So, is this just an image, not much related to the real-world range, or is it actually related to the real-world range, which might be much lower (by almost a third) than the WLTP value?

We hope that the iX3 will be able to deliver a result closer to its WLTP rating and such low values will not be seen often, aside from winter or sporty driving with multiple hard acceleration blasts.

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