Produced for a very brief period of time between March 1994 and July 1995, the Audi RS2 Avant is a real legend. We know this is a pretty strong statement but we bet you’ll all agree with us. This is the car that basically started Audi’s RS adventure and is pretty much the predecessor of all modern RS beasts from the Ingolstadt-based automaker. 

According to several sources on the web, the RS2 Avant was built in a limited series of just 2,891 examples. Maybe at least a few of them have been totalled during the last almost three decades, which should bring the total number of surviving examples closer to the 2,500 mark. It goes without saying that each one of these cars is a real treasure that needs special care and attention.

That’s exactly what this particular 1994 example gets in the video at the top of this page. It comes from the Rad Garage channel on YouTube and shows us the process of washing and detailing the Nogaro Blue fast estate from the mid-1990s. From the footage, we get the impression that the car is in a very good exterior condition and there’s not much for the detailers to do.

In reality, every car can look better with a good deep wash and even a quick detailing procedure. The specialists in this video begin with a thorough wash of the car, including its wheels, the lower sections of the side panels, and exhaust pipes. Then, we get to see a quick waxing and that’s it - it looks as good as day one.

We wish more owners of rare and special cars like the RS2 Avant give their machines the deserved attention and this video proves all you need to do sometimes is to wash your car.