Compact hatchbacks are a dying breed. Taste change and the funky crossroad of sporty, functional, and affordable has had to grow to accommodate the influx of larger crossovers and SUVs. However, that hasn’t stopped the imagination of one artist who turned the new Focus ST into a modern-day Escort RS Cosworth tribute.

Taking the five-door Focus down to three doors required slightly shortening the wheelbase. That’s paired with a subtle extension of the rear bumper, necessary to fit the reworked rear-end design. The rear hatch is completely redesigned to fit the iconic Cosworth’s whale-tail spoiler and notched design, which features a new taillight design and dual exhaust. At the front, there are new headlights and a more rectangular-looking front end that feels distinctly like the 90s.

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But the front and rear views provide even better looks at the unique styling choices. The square taillights feel pulled right from the original Cosworth, though the aggressive rear bumper from the Focus ST that houses the large dual exhaust tailpipes still perfectly fits. It’s similar at the front where remnants of the Focus ST blends with the Cosworth-inspired elements, like the small grille and bonnet scoops paired with the modern-day front bumper.


The likelihood of Ford venturing back into small, powerful, three-door hatchbacks anytime soon is a fantasy. Today’s cars are getting larger, supplanting hatchbacks and saloons for high-riding versions. It’s a dark time for small cars, though there are automakers that haven’t given up yet. Ford may be shifting away from offering small automobiles, but you can get an Toyota GR Yaris.