They're also more proactive when it comes to online purchasing.

In the last few months more women have been heading online to buy a car, according to

For the first time ever women accounted for half of the online car supermarket's sales for the first time, and further analysis showed that women were also more decisive than men – that being measured by how likely they are to go ahead with an online car purchase.

Usually women tend to account for just over a third of all traditional car sales, but online that number rises to 40 percent on That figure rose as lockdown eased in the UK, with sales to woman accounting for 50 percent of all sales in July. The rise is said the be all the more remarkable given that typically gets twice as many hits from males as females.

Woman on laptop making online purchase with credit card

Last year reported that women accounted for just 28 percent of visitors to, but were responsible for 40 percent of all purchases. That appeared to suggest that women browse cars with a greater intention to buy than men.

"We already know that women have always been less keen than men on the traditional high-stress showroom environment and that women are statistically more likely to buy cars in a no-pressure online environment than from a dealership," said Christofer Lloyd, editor of

"But it is interesting that a jump in sales to women from 40 percent to 50 percent for the first time ever has come during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Our theory is that women may be even more drawn, currently, to the benefits of taking full control of the car-buying process in the safety of their own home at a time when there are still some risks involved in travelling around the country and interacting with sales people in indoor public spaces indoors.

"When the crisis eventually passes it will be interesting to see if women continue to represent half of our customers or, perhaps, become the majority."