A new gaming console from Microsoft usually means a new Forza game, be it Motorsport or Horizon. The eighth instalment in the Motorsport series was teased among many other new games during the Xbox Series X event, including an upgraded version of Forza Horizon 4 to make use of the extra hardware power of the console.

Details about the next Forza Motorsport game are scarce for the time being, mainly because it’s still in the early development phase. It doesn’t have a release date yet, but it should be well worth the wait given the stunning in-game graphics of the announcement trailer. We get to see a bunch of Apollo IE hypercars racing around Laguna Seca in stunning 4K graphics and running smoothly at 60 frames per second.

A proper gameplay video would’ve been better, but at least we can take comfort from knowing Turn 10 Studios will up its game yet again to harness the power of the new Xbox Series X. The attention to detail is amazing and the game will support ray-tracing for realistic shadows and reflections. Keep in mind this isn’t a pre-rendered video as we’re expecting the new Forza to look pretty much as seen in the adjacent footage.

Besides seeing the Apollo Intensa Emozione, the brief in-game trailer also shows the BAC Mono and Mazda’s Daytona racer, with hundreds of additional cars and a variety of tracks likely planned. The game appears to be simply called Forza Motorsport like the original from 2005 rather than Forza Motorsport 8, which seems rather strange, but it is what it is. Perhaps the video game’s developers are seeing the new title as more of a reboot rather than a follow-up to Forza 7 launched in late 2017.

With the game being in early development, we wouldn’t hold our breath for a launch late this year to coincide with the rollout of the Xbox Series X. Expect a “vastly different and amazing experience,” according to Turn 10 creative director Chris Esaki, which might explain why the game is considered by its developer as more than just a simple continuation of Forza 7.