The launch of the Audi RS3 Sportback and RS3 Saloon is admittedly long in the tooth. As early as last year, we've seen spy photos of the next-generation model prototype, doing test runs mostly at the Nürburgring. The last time we've seen the RS3 Saloon camouflaged prototype was just this week, but the RS3 Sportback was last seen back in May.

Then again, the launch for the high-powered Audi A3 is still slated for the next four to six months, so yes, we'll be waiting a bit more. Our anticipation won't go to waste, however. A piece of information was leaked to Motor1 by Periodis Del Motor, a Spanish automotive website, concerning a small design detail on the upcoming RS3.

Audi RS3 Checkered Headlight Detail

As you can see in the photo supplied above, the Matrix LED configurations of the whole Audi A3 lineup have been displayed. The photo, which seems to have been taken in an exclusive presentation, shows the RS3 at the bottom right corner. Interestingly, the headlight will feature a checkered flag as part of its detail, which differentiates the performance A3 from the rest of the range.

This coincides with the A3 Saloon that was launched back in April, and the previous spy shots of the RS3 saloon. The DRL has a corner box (see lead image on top of this page), consisting of LEDs in a three-by-five configuration. These diodes can be operated variably, according to the report, which means each of the cars within the A3 range can be identified through this tiny design detail.

Take this with a bit of skepticism, though. While the authenticity of the image above can't be confirmed, we're leaning towards believing that this small design detail will amaze us in the production body of the Audi RS3.

We'll know more about the Audi RS3 when it gets launched during the first half of next year. As they say, patience is a virtue.