We aren’t scientists here at Motor1.com. A few of us writers have modest knowledge and experience in the scientific realm, but not enough to get into the nuts and bolts of sound waves. Just know that the things you hear can be visualised by a wave, and sometimes people make videos of these things because why not?

That’s exactly what the team at Vanrama.com did, and with a cool supercar twist to boot. Gearheads love the sound of a powerful engine – it’s visceral and elemental and frankly, even a slow car with a stirring soundtrack can make for a wonderful motoring experience. None of the six cars featured here, however, are slow. Not by a long shot.

The slideshow above features video clips of notable supercars blitzing through their rev range. It’s an absolute aural delight that includes all of motoring’s greatest hits, from thumping American V8s to high-pitched Italian V12s. Instead of seeing cars in action, however, you can watch the sound waves produced by the engines as they rev and up and down through gear changes.

For those with scientific minds, it’s interesting to watch. For those who simply love internal combustion sound, it’s a very zen experience. So jump into the slideshow, turn your speakers up, and spend the next few minutes enjoying the sights, sounds, and science of supercars.