The Roadster is the car that got people talking about Tesla in the late noughties, even if it was built around a Lotus chassis and only 2,500 examples were ever manufactured. But it was fun, fast and undeniably interesting, and looking at where Tesla is now, it can almost be considered a historic model - a classic, even if it’s only about 10 years old.

That’s why it isn’t at all surprising to find that the last example ever built, assembled in December 2012, is now on sale for what seems like an exorbitant amount of money. It is listed on a Swiss second hand car sale platform for 1,390,000 CHF which equates to roughly £1.2 million.

The car was apparently never registered, and thus never driven on public roads, and it has the mileage to back it up - just 200 km or 124 miles. On top of this, it has a few options that set it apart, like the sparkling white paint finish and it's number 4 of 4 out of the ‘ Final Four ‘ limited edition.

The owner says the car was kept in a garage this entire time, with its battery level constantly controlled and it even still has the original factory covers on the steering wheel and the handbrake lever. This car was clearly bought with this in mind - to not be driven at all and sold later down the line as a valuable collectors' piece.

Gallery: Last Tesla Roadster

Now we can’t really say if it’s really worth the asking price, even though it does have genuine collector value. However, we do know why the owner decided to part with the car now. It’s simple: Tesla is now the most valuable car company in the world, valued at around $208-billion after its shares more than doubled in 2020.