How to build the perfect E-Type.

When it comes to driving perfection, craftsmanship shines in our ever-changing digitised world where modern cars filter driver inputs through computers and isolate us from the outside world. Today’s cars offer more performance than ever, but at the price of driver involvement, which has slowly been phased out as automakers seek to mute imperfections.

Today, classic cars represent a bygone era of full driver involvement and control that you cannot purchase in a new car showroom. This has not stopped some dedicated craftsmen who are working to perfect the legendary Lightweight GT Jaguar E-Type.

Carfection’s Henry Catchpole had the opportunity to visit the works shop of Eagle, a United Kingdom-based firm that is building some of the world’s most exciting cars. Eagle builds reimagined Jaguar E-Types of various trims including the Speedster, Low Drag Coupe, and now the Lightweight GT all of which deliver some of the best driving experiences of any car ever built. It takes hundreds of hours and endless funds to create these masterpieces which are the antidote to our digitised world and stand out as monuments to the past while benefiting from modernisation.

Although today’s modern supercars and sportscars can obliterate the Lightweight GT built by Eagle, it’s hard to care. Sure, performance is an excellent yardstick of progress, but what happens when you cannot enjoy the performance of your vehicle and instead relegate its progress to a conversation piece that will not impress many. The Lightweight GT succeeds where others have moved on and gives drivers the sensations that captivated car enthusiasts for generations and marrying it to a reliable drivetrain that benefits from decades of progress.

The passionate engineering and craftsmanship required to build the Eagle Lightweight GT are second to none. This drive to build the best E-Type means these cars will resonate with collectors for decades to come.