According to the official specs, the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 reaches 60 miles per hour (96 kilometres per hour) in 3.3 seconds, and the Chevrolet Corvette C8 with the Z51 package needs 2.9 seconds to reach that velocity. The difference between them in the real world is much more dramatic, though. Speed Phenom is lucky enough to own both of these vehicles and shows off their acceleration in a new video.

With 495 bhp (369 kilowatts), the Z51-equipped Corvette is significantly down on power compared to the 760-bhp (567-kW) GT500. However, the 'Vette's mid-engine layout aids traction off the line, and it has eight gears to work with instead of seven cogs for the Mustang.

As Speed Phenom shows, launching the Corvette is almost effortless. Enable the right settings, hold the brake, mash the throttle, release the brake, and go. There's little to no wheelspin to worry about. On a different stretch of road, he's even able to hit 60 mph in 2.7 seconds – a couple tenths quicker than the factory rating.

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Switching to the GT500, and things are very different. Even in drag mode with launch control, the tyres spin the whole way. For the second run, the Mustang gets to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. After lots of tweaks and on a different stretch of road, the time falls to 3.67 seconds.

Speed Phenom comes to the conclusion that the Corvette is the better driver's car because its performance is so easily repeatable. If you want a drag racer and have the time to finetune all of the settings, then the GT500 is fantastic. On a prepped surface, he can do 10.6 seconds in the quarter-mile with the Mustang.