Topaz Detailing is a company synonymous with perfection. Its workers have honed their craft over years of experience and have the artistry and precision to detail a car to its fullest potential. In its latest video, the detailing maestros polish and protect a Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta, a rare Ferrari worthy of the Topaz treatment. 

While the 458’s factory paint appears spectacular to the untrained eye, there are still improvements to be made. According to Topaz, the workers spotted tiny imperfections in the clear coat which distort the reflections. Known as the orange peel effect, the only fix is to even out the tiny flaws on the exterior. Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of the defects is to sand down the clear coat, a necessary but painful process. 

After the initial dry sanding, workers begin to further refine the paint. The next step involves wet sanding the entirety of the car. While some of the bigger panels could be done with a mechanical sander, the more minute features of the 458 are massaged by hand. Thankfully that was the end of the sanding stage. With the imperfections of the clearcoat taken care of, the next step involved taking the sanding marks out of the paint.

After a heavily involved polishing program, the orange peel effect was gone, and the Ferrari-Red paint looked as it should. Appealing to the Topaz mantra of enhance, protect, and maintain, the next step involved applying paint protection film. Unsurprisingly the detailing company utilises custom-cut protection film unique to the 458 which covers every inch of the car. Even the carbon fibre canards on the front of the car are shod with the film. Because of the tiny pores in the film, Topaz applies a ceramic coating to protect it. The ceramic will repel surface contaminants, making it a lot easier for the owner to maintain the concourse shine.