BMW’s M division is slowly moving towards an all-wheel-drive layout for most of its models - and this move includes not only the company’s SUV offerings but also its fast saloons and coupes. Or, put another way, the Bavarians are getting into Audi Sport territory where they will have to compete against performance AWD cars of the highest class. And this won’t change in the future.

While a switch to rear-wheel-drive layouts would help Audi meet the ever-stricter emissions standards around the world, the marque recently confirmed it’ll stay true to its roots and will continue to rely on its famous Quattro AWD system. Or, at least, that’s what Audi Sport's sales and marketing boss claims.

“We have used rear-wheel drive in the latest R8. But normally, Quattro is part of our heritage,” Rolf Michl told Autocar. “It means safe, agile, and competitive driving. I don’t hear any different views on this, even with electrified versions in the future. We’ll stay with our approach: Quattro is a major part of RS models.”

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“Audi Sport is committed to the R8, and we’re doing everything to get a concept for the future,” Michl told the British publication. “The R8 shares much with the race car, which proves the competitiveness of the car and a clear commitment, but it has to fit future expectations and is therefore a complex decision.”