Suzuki is expanding its utility lineup in Europe with the addition of the new Across plug-in hybrid SUV. Basically a rebadged version of Toyota’s RAV4 Hybrid, the model becomes the first fruit of the cooperation between the Japanese firm and Toyota announced last year.

Visually, there’s certainly no mistaking the Toyota underpinnings underneath the body but at least the Across gets a few visual revisions to differentiate it from the original. These include a tweaked front fascia with a larger grille and sleeker LED headlights. The side profile remains almost unchanged and the situation is similar at the back. When sales in Europe begin this fall, the eco-friendly SUV will be offered with a choice of six colours.

Under the familiar skin, the Across relies on a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 2.5-litre petrol engine, supported by two electric motors, one for each axle, and a floor-mounted 18.1-kWh battery pack. The four-cylinder combustion engine generates 173 bhp (129 kilowatts), while the electric motors add 180 and 54 bhp (134 and 40 kW), respectively. The combined output hasn’t been announced but the RAV4 Hybrid offers 302 bhp (225 kW) and we expect the Across to have the same peak output.

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Suzuki promises a range of 46 miles (75 kilometres) on purely electric energy before the 2.5-litre engine kicks in with combined CO2 emissions of 22 grams per kilometre measured by the WLTP standards. The maximum speed is rated at 112 miles per hour (180 kilometres per hour).

Depending on the condition, the powertrain can deliver rear torque variation ranging from 100:00 to 20:80. The Across also comes equipped with Trail mode, which acts as an automatic limited-slip differential control that ensures “the best possible grip and control on slippery surfaces.” It’s a system that applies the brakes to wheels that begin to lose grip and redirects torque to wheels that maintain grip.

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