All cars have an inherent risk of bursting into flames, but the added complexity of a plug-in hybrid which intermixes high-voltage cables with hot internal combustion engines makes probably makes them even more vulnerable. We don’t yet know what happened in this case, but a brand new BMW 330e spontaneously combusted while it was being charged at a dealership near the Czech capital, Prague.

No word on what exactly caused the fire, but the local fire department didn’t want to take any chances with the car reigniting, so it was put in a huge water container. The incident occurred last week and the car looked quite heavily affected by the fire, at least not to the same degree as some other electric or electrified car fires that we covered in the past.

BMW has so far not made a statement in regards to what exactly happened here, but it did happen and thankfully nobody was hurt by the fire. Once we learn more about it, we’ll update this post or make a new one with the details.