The GT3 program called, it wants its rear wing back.

Along with being one of the most iconic racetracks in the world, the Nürburgring Nordschleife is a fantastic playground for automakers to dial in new vehicles. As the 12.9-mile ribbon of tarmac features a myriad of over 150 corners, it is a perfect venue to test vehicle dynamics. Its popularity among automakers also makes it a hot spot for photographers and videographers to capture footage of unreleased vehicles.

YouTuber cvdzijden recently released a video of a camouflaged Mercedes AMG GT-R Black going flat-out around the Green Hell. Just as the AMG GT3 racecar received an update last year, the road car followed suit. With a strong racing pedigree at the ‘Ring, the GT-R Black is set with big shoes to fill. Back-to-back podium finishes at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring don’t happen by accident. 

While the upgrades from GT-R to GT-R Black are unclear at the moment, one aspect that is impossible to miss is the new aero-kit. It isn’t GT3-spec but the rear wing is clearly the party piece of the car. Rear wings of that size and angle of attack are sure to make a big difference. Although many of the exterior upgrades are hidden by the car’s camouflage, the front end appears to be mostly unaltered in comparison to the standard GT-R.

Aerodynamics aside, the car appears very composed through demanding sections of the track. There were no visible issues while navigating the Karussel along with other higher speed sections like Brunnchen, also referred to as YouTube corner. During touristenfahrten when the track is open to the public, Brunnchen corner is a hot spot for crashes and therefore a staple in Nürburgring crash compilations. 

While we have no idea how hard the driver of the GT-R Black was pushing, it appeared to conquer the Green Hell with relative ease. Let us know your thoughts on the new Merc in the comments below.