The legendary AC Cobra is back and, like it or not, it's now in all-electric flavour. That's right, the iconic sports car, famed for having a Ford engine from the US shoved into a British chassis to create the perfect transatlantic creation has gone green.

The car is the first foray into the growing world of electric cars for AC, which is Britain's oldest surviving carmaker having been founded in 1901.

With a 54 KWh capacity battery and 230 kW drivetrain, the Cobra electric conversion is capable of handling 0-60 in 6.7 seconds and completing 150 miles on a single charge. Unlike many electric cars, the electric Cobra has managed to stay relatively lean, weighing in at under 1,250 kg.

"Our long saga reflects the many challenges of making sports cars in low volumes in the modern world," said Alan Lubinsky, chief executive of AC Cars. "But, over the years, our belief in the brand has been sustained by the loyalty and support of AC Cobra owners worldwide.

AC Cars Makes An Electric Version Of The Cobra, The Series 1 Electric

"Their faith has given us the motivation to keep on striving to give AC a future – and with these superb new products, engineered not just for today but for tomorrow, I am convinced we have given AC a bright future."

"We have more exciting plans ahead but our focus for now is to get these cars built, sold and out where they should be – on the open road."

Only 58 of the electric Cobras will be made, signifying 58 years since the original first arrived, and it will be available in one of four (not very imaginatively named) colours: AC electric blue, AC electric black, AC electric white (pictured), and AC electric green.

Deliveries are set to commence in the final quarter on this year, with the car being priced at £138,000 plus on the road charges.

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