The updated Lexus LC, which will arrive in the UK later this summer, is now available to order with prices starting at just over £80,000. The Japanese brand’s flagship coupe will head for these shores with a host of small tweaks designed to improve the car’s performance and responsiveness.

On the outside, there’s nothing new to write home about – but then looks have never been the LC’s problem. The same sleek, futuristic lines remain, while the mechanical components beneath have been the subject of the engineers’ attention.

For a kick-off, Lexus has worked hard to reduce the car’s weight, as well as making the ride smoother. To those ends, the suspension has had a thorough revamp, with forged aluminium lower arms; thinner, hollow anti-roll bars and a new, stronger material for the coil springs. At the same time, new shock absorbers help the suspension travel more smoothly, improving the ride.

Add in the fact Lexus has changed the anti-roll bar stiffness to improve turn-in, as well as provide a more linear response to steering inputs. This, the company claims, promotes “a sense of unity between car and driver”.

2021 Lexus LC

Other components to be modified include the 10-speed automatic gearbox fitted to the petrol-powered LC 500. That car will retain its 5-litre V8 engine – and even gets a lightly fettled soundtrack – but the transmission will be tweaked to offer smoother acceleration and more performance when exiting corners.

Not to be left behind, the 3.5-litre V6 hybrid LC 500h is also getting small modifications, with even more torque from its electric motor. This means acceleration will be marginally faster, offering an even sportier feel.

Finally, the brakes have also been modified, with larger pads providing extra stopping power. And just to prove how much detail the engineers have gone into, the brake pedal surface has changed to allow more ‘feel’ for the braking system.

2021 Lexus LC

For their £80,100, UK buyers will get the ‘basic’ LC, complete with satellite navigation, a glass sunroof and 20-inch alloy wheels. The V8 and V6 hybrid versions cost exactly the same amount, but the V8 ‘500’ is more powerful, while the hybrid ‘500h’ is more economical.

Spend another £5,200 and you can add the Sport Pack to the LC experience, offering sports seats with heating and ventilation, as well as a carbon-fibre roof and 21-inch forged alloy wheels. Or you can spend another £5,650 on the Sport Plus Pack, which gives you rear-wheel-assisted and variable-ratio steering for added manoeuvrability, plus some carbon-fibre scuff plates.

The entire range is available to order now, with the first deliveries expected in the UK soon.

Gallery: 2021 Lexus LC