Jay Leno is one of those lucky people who could very well be able to own any car he would want at any time. He's also driven a lot of exotics, classic cars, everyday automobiles, and even motorcycles, so he's a true petrolhead and a lover of anything with wheels. So when he actually dedicates a day to film and drive a vehicle, you know it's got to be good. Or in this case, it's so bad, it's good.

While we do love some kit cars, this one seems to have had too much ambition. Because if you're going to replicate a Ferrari Enzo, at least get the red colour correct, okay?

Gallery: See Jay Leno drive a fake Ferrari Enzo

Jay Leno's Garage takes us through a quick episode featuring one of the most amazing examples of badly done imitations we've seen in a long time. What started as a 1986 has been mutilated to the point of, well, beyond recognition. Hastily put together to mimic a Ferrari Enzo, everything is just wrong about it. On top of the 140 bhp V6 engine lies a literal drop in plastic V12 engine cover, you know, for when people dare to get close enough to take a peek at the engine bay window.

Believe it or not, it actually had a spot at The Quail. Any publicity is good publicity, and by the time the organisers realised that this Enzo was a Fiero, they were at least nice enough to give them a spot anyway. Next to the toilets.

Jay even takes this thing out on the road and comments that the mighty 140 bhp engine isn't bad. It's far from a 651 bhp V12, but, well it's far from anything at this point. So good on Michael Coyne for adopting this unloved car, and placing it a museum for all of us to enjoy. Or avoid.