There’s something very special and exciting about taking delivery of your brand new car, regardless if we talk about, say, a new entry-level Chevy or a new sports car. As long as it doesn’t end up like the unfortunate VW Polo handover ceremony from a few days ago, it should be a memorable event. And if you are waiting for your new Bugatti, it’s going to be absolutely epic.

The guy behind the TheTFJJ channel on YouTube had the luck and privilege to film the delivery of a stunning Chiron at a well-known shopping mall in London. The video was recorded last week and is already enjoying good response and interest from YT users.

Unfortunately, we don’t have more details including who is the owner of the hypercar. The clip shows the car being unloaded very carefully from a trailer, which is towed by a previous-gen Mercedes-Benz G-Class. We have to admit it’s a sight to behold not only because of the Chiron, but the G also looks imposing with the massive trailer behind it.

The second part of the video shows the Chiron being manoeuvred through the building’s underground garage. Reading through the comments on YouTube and judging by the presence of other supercars nearby, we get the impression that the Bugatti was actually transported to a detailing centre where it’ll get a complete interior clean and protection, plus a full-body PPT procedure.