With the new, facelifted BMW 5 Series revealed just about a month ago, there's been a good amount of news and announcements regarding the 5 Series' faster stablemates. The 5 Series LCI offers the same design language that's found in it's smaller sibling, the 3 Series, and we've already written about the awesome looking Alpina B5 saloon and D5 estate, the latter being as close as you can get to a modern M5 estate.

Of course, there will be a 2021 BMW M5, but those looking for the very pinnacle of what a performance 5 Series has to offer will want the M5 CS.

Gallery: BMW M5 CS Spy Video

With its reveal scheduled before the end of the year, the M5 CS was spotted during some test laps around the famed Nurburgring, and YouTube channel statesidesupercars was able to record the semi-camoed performance saloon flying through the corners.

While some attempt was made to hide the front and rear of the M5 CS, we do know that BMW wants separate this range-topping M5 from the rest with some additional extras such as ceramic brakes, suspensions upgrades, a CFRP roof, and additional tweaks to the front and rear bumpers and aero bits. We can also expect more exciting colour choices, exclusive wheel designs, and maybe some tweaks to stitching and interior bits. 

The M5 CS in the video is quick, but seems eerily quiet, with the noise from the tyres actually being louder than the exhaust note. To be honest, the exhaust note was almost non-existent, and we all know that BMW loves their performance pipes. It could also be that this tester isn't fitted with a performance exhaust just yet, or BMW simply slapped on the quietest system they had and will surprise us later on. 

The 2021 BMW M5 CS is said to make 641 bhp from a tuned version of the M5's 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8. The existing M5 Competition makes 617 bhp from the same motor.