What is Bugatti doing at the Nürburgring? Admittedly, the Chiron Pur Sport and Divo are both designed to be track-taming hypercars, but deliveries for the ultra-rare models are slated to begin later this year. Could Bugatti still be dialing in performance, or might this be a prelude to a Nordschleife record attempt?

Two YouTube videos from Automotive Mike capture the hypercars in action, tackling various portions of the Green Hell. Tyre scrub is minimal save for a few dicey moments in the Pur Sport, but there’s certainly no mistaking the deep, demonic bellow of the 1,500-bhp W16 engine, shoving the cars forward with all the aggressive thrust four turbochargers can offer. The cars are certainly being tested aggressively to say the least.

The video at the top shows the Chiron Pur Sport, with the video below focused on the Divo. In both clips, we can see what appears to be wire looms connected to the engine. It’s harder to see on the Pur Sport, but the Divo spy video gives chase after the car leaves the track. For nearly two minutes we follow the car as it navigates streets near the track until it turns into a secure garage, where we see individuals awaiting its arrival.

The Divo is technically a Chiron with fresh bodywork, though it’s designed to emphasize handling over speed. As such, the Divo is only capable of reaching 236 mph flat out. The Chiron Pur Sport takes the Divo’s track prowess even further with more downforce, stiffer suspension, a tweaked automatic transmission with closer gear ratios, and 50-kg weight reduction. Its top speed is down even further at 218 mph.

Only 100 cars total will be built – 60 Divos and 40 Pur Sports – with customer deliveries expected later this year. If Bugatti isn’t fine-tuning the cars ahead of those deliveries, then perhaps we’ll see a 'Ring record attempt for the production car fast lap at some point in the near future. It will have to beat a very impressive time of 6 minutes 44.97 seconds, set in July 2018 by the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.