The long-awaited Land Rover Defender 110 is mere months old, but an Italian company has already built a roof tent for the latest-generation 4x4. Roof tent manufacturer Autohome, which is based in a village south of Lake Guarda, says the tent can sleep two adults on a “full-size” cotton mattress.

Measuring 2.3 metres in length and 1.3 metres across, the tent is stowed under a lightweight fibreglass shell when not in use, protecting the grey fabric sides. Opening the shell and erecting the tent is, Autohome claims, a one-man job, and involves simply unclipping the fastener at the rear and raising the top part of the shell slightly.

From there, Autohome says the gas struts will take over, raising the tent to its full height of 1.5 metres. Clamber in – with the help of the aluminium ladder provided for just that purpose – and you’ll be greeted with a mattress, an LED light and a stowage net.

There’s also a handy bag for stowing the aforementioned ladder, and pillows are thrown in for the occupants. With the mattress and a 300 kg maximum static load on the car’s roof, the tent should be capacious enough for all but the biggest and most hirsute overlanders.

Land Rover Defender 110 Rooftop Tent By Autohome

Prices for the Autohome tent start at €3,081.96 excluding VAT, which translates to roughly £2,785 plus tax. Add that to a basic £45,240 Defender 110, and you’re looking at around £50,000 for the whole kit and kaboodle. That said, it could be your own little home from home.

Giuseppe Fercodini, the CEO of Autohome, said the tent was the product of a collaboration between his firm and the British car manufacturer.

“Land Rover has worked hand-in-hand with our technicians to design a unique roof tent for the Land Rover Defender,” he said. “This tent is much more than a campsite accessory: its strength, comfort, versatility and reliability makes it ideal for extreme camping and off-road holidays.”

Land Rover Defender 110 Rooftop Tent By Autohome

Meanwhile Joe Sinclair, the man in charge of branded goods and licencing at Land Rover, said the tent would appeal to overland drivers who wanted to take their Defender off the beaten track.

“The New Land Rover Defender is the ideal vehicle to reach remote destinations comfortably both on and off road,” he said. “This roof tent will enable Defender drivers to continue their adventure above and beyond their journey; it's perfect for the modern-day explorer.”

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